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Prodotti & Servizi - Reflow Oven Volumi Medi

Forni di rifusione serie BM-W-G2 per medie produzioni 
 (5-6-7-8 zone ad aria calda forzata top + bottom)

The reason you need BM-W545/645/745/845 G2 Lead-free reflow oven:
a.  Mid production requirement in the range of 500-1000pcs/8hours (Take 300x300 PCB as reference)
b.  Tough Lead-free requirement
c.  Tight space and tight budget.
 rear door of hood easy opening    internal cooling system           operator interface panel
l  This machine is specially designed for some mid production users.
l  Self-developed controller, PC and on-line UPS form a stable, safe and efficient controlling system. The self-developed controller is specially design for the lead-free wave solder machine and lead-free reflow oven. Compare with PLC, it have quicker response, better compatible, more powerful ability for future extension.
l  Brand electrical component like Schneider (German) breaker, Panasonic (Japan) speed controller, Omron (Japan) box breaker. Meanwhile the CE certificated blower is specially design for lead-free reflow oven. It runs stable and lower noise. We can provide extra warranty for this great blowers.
l  Upper zone and hood can be opened by the electrical screw automatically. It is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
l  Specially designed Ni-Cr heater filaments, provide a very quick ramp up time. It takes just 15 minutes from ambient to setting temperature.
l  The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which easy for cleans.
l  The entire upper and bottom zones are forced air convection; provide great temperature accuracy and uniform.
l  Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor work together.
l  In-built industrial chiller provides better cooling performance. Meanwhile, it doesnft need more space.
   automatic pin chain lubricator                       electric cabling
Items BM-W545 G2 BM-W645 G2 BM-W745 G2 BM-W845 G2
Heating zones Upper 5 hot air zones Upper 6 hot air zones Upper 7 hot air zones Upper 8 hot air zones
Bottom 5 hot air zones Bottom 6 hot air zones Bottom 7 hot air zones Bottom 8 hot air zones
Heating zone length 1734mm 2047mm 2360mm 2673mm
Overall dimension L2850*W1020*H1450 L3163*W1020*H1450 L3476*W1020*H1450 L3789*W1020*H1450
Net weight about 700Kg about 800Kg about 900Kg about 1000Kg
General power 31KW 37KW 44KW 53KW
Consumption power approx.8KW approx.9KW approx.11KW approx.13KW
Ramp time 13 minutes 15 minutes 18 minutes 18 minutes
Control type PC control      
Heat type Upper zones forced hot air convection+ bottom zones forced hot air convection
Tem control PID close-loopSSR drive
Temp range Ambinent-350
Temp accurancy 1
Temp uniform 2
Cooling type In-built industrial chiller provide better cooling performance
Conveyor type Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor
Conveyor height 90020mm
Belt width 450mm
Max PCB 400mm
PCB clearance 30mm
Conveyor direction Left to right (option: right to left)
Conveyor speed 0-1500mm/min
Hood lift Electrical screw pole
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