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Prodotti & Servizi - Solder Wave Volumi Alti

Saldatrice ad onda serie DN per medie-alte produzioni
The reason you need DN-350/400/450/500 Super Lead-free wave solder:
a. Large production requirement in the range of 1200-2200pcs/8hours (Take 300x300 PCB as reference)
b. Lead-free requirement
c. PC control. Solder pot move in&out AND lift up&down Automatically
d. Can upgrade to N2 machine.
e. CE needed.                            
 entrance finger conveyor                spray fluxer            costant pressure system for flux
-  A new streamline design replaces a conventional right-angled exterior. And the design
   is based on mechanical aesthetics and practicability, making the maintenance an easy job;
-  Self-developed controller, PC and on-line UPS form a stable, safe and efficient
   controlling system. The self-developed controller is specially design for the lead-free wave
   solder machine and lead-free reflow oven. Compare with PLC, it have quicker response,
   better compatible, more powerful ability for future extension.
-  The software has the functions like PCB counting, temperature setting and editing,
   PCB parameter menu, and profile testing, alarms and multi-languages conversion.
   In the meanwhile, the software has make a lots effect about the safety issues just like
   wave motor running safe temperature, safe power off machine.
-  The one-week time will provide a amazing function for customer. The operator can edit
   his work schedule for this wave solder machine weekly. And the machine can turn on
   automatically to melt the solder before operator come to work. When itfs time to work,
   the solder has been melt and everything is ready.
   It will save about 1.5 hours for customer everyday.
-  The specially designed guiding rail reduce the deformation caused by heat.
-  Sprayer droved by German air cylinder, small noise and long life warranty.
-  The sprayer is made in Japan; it provides perfect atomization performance of the flux.
-  Forced air convection preheat zone control by temperature controller in PID model.
   The preheat zone will provide enough uniform heat for the PCB.
-  3 individual bottom hot air zone and third upper hot air zone, this configuration
   will provide the greatest preheating effect for soldering.
-  Adopt cast iron heater for the solder pot, itfs mounted outside of the solder pot.
   This new assembling way will prolong the life of the solder pot.
-  Dual wave solder. Both wave heights are controlled by transducer.
   Changing the wave height via adjusting the frequency of power.
-  Solder pot is made of Ti material. Long life warranty.
-  High quality R&M wave motor which made in Italian, small noise and more stable.
-  Solder pot can lift up and down, move in and out automatically.
   It's very easy for customer to change solder pot and conversion between leaded
   and lead-free.
   wave motors (long-life)       N2 nitrogen  feeding system     nterface operator panel
         profiling system                   hot air preheater                top hot air preheater
  interchang. trolley system      double titanium nozzles         swing nozzle (option)
Items DN - 350 DN - 400 DN - 450 DN - 500
PCB width 30 - 350mm 30 - 400mm 30 - 450mm 30 - 500mm
Pot volume 370 Kg 390 Kg 410 Kg 430 Kg
Running/general power 13Kw / 34Kw 13Kw / 35Kw 14Kw / 36Kw 14Kw / 37Kw
Machine dimenssion L4200  W1400  H1700 L4200  W1450  H1700 L4200  W1500  H1700 L4200  W1550  H1700
Net weight 1100Kg 1200kKg 1300Kg 1400Kg
Controlling system PC control
Conveyor motor 220V  3Ph 90W
Conveyor speed 200mm - 1800mm/min
Flux volume 6,5 litres (option 25 litres pressure pot)
Alcohol volume 4,5 litres
PCB direction left to right
Spray drive air cylinder drive
Sprayer St -6 made in japan
Preheater 3 hot air convection zone and third upper hot air zone
Preheat power 4Kw/zone
Solder pot material Ti
Solder pot heater Cast iron heater
Solder pot power 1,2 Kw * 10PCS
Wave number dual waves
Wave type turbulent first wave - lambda second wave
Time for melt 60 minutes
Solder pot upper/down Automatically
Solder pot in/out Automatically
Finger cleaning pump 220V 1Ph 10W
Conveyor type Ti finger
Solder angle 3 - 6
Air supply 3 - 5 BAR
Power supply 220V 3Ph 60Hz  or 380V 3Ph 50Hz or 440V 3Ph 60Hz

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